Nasty Astrology

What Your Astrologer Won't Tell You!

By Richard MacDonald (Author)


Format Hardcover


Nasty Astrology

What Your Astrologer Won't Tell You!

by Richard MacDonald



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Exploring exactly what hidden demons lurk within everyone’s psyches, Nasty Astrology reveals all the deep, dark unspoken truths about the star signs.
Aren’t you bored with all the astrology books that tell you what nice people we all are? Don’t you know, deep down, that everyone’s character has a few flaws? Well, here’s a guide to the zodiac with a fun twist: it reveals the nasty truth about each sun sign that the other books hide! Nasty Astrology brings all those dirty little secrets about love, sex, and business right out in the open. Find out your friends’ hidden demons. See what makes work associates tick. Find out what everyone around you really thinks and feels, and their motivations, so you can push their buttons. With humor, wit, and no holds barred (no, really), Richard MacDonald unveils the unspeakable and illuminating traits of the zodiac.

Richard MacDonald is a freelance writer with more than 50 books published on a wide range of esoteric subjects including: Teach Yourself Chinese Astrology, The Chinese Horoscopes Handbooks, The 7 Bad Habits of Highly Ineffective People, and How To Behave in Bed. He also writes astrology columns for magazines. He lives in Devon, UK.

Pub Date: 2/4/2020

ISBN: 9781911163633

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Format: Hardcover

Pages: 96 pages, 40 b-w illus.

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Territories: US/Can/Mexico/South & Central America

Category: Body/Mind/Spirit / Astrology

Publisher: Collins & Brown

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