Louis Pasteur

By Isabel Munoz (Illustrator), Jane Kent (Text)


Format Hardcover


Louis Pasteur

by Isabel Munoz, Jane Kent



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Meet Louis Pasteur and discover the story of his life and work in this engagingly illustrated biography—narrated by the scientist himself.

Best known for developing the process of pasteurization, Louis Pasteur helped advance the field of microbiology. Winner of the Legion of Honor in his native France, Pasteur solved many of the medical mysteries behind various diseases and created vaccines against rabies and anthrax. Kids can learn about this visionary’s life and career, including his childhood talent for art, his training in science and years of teaching and researching, his discovery of molecular symmetry, and his trailblazing work on fermentation.

Pub Date: 7/7/2020

ISBN: 9788854416215

Price: $9.95 / $13.50 CAN

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 42 pages, all in color

Trim: 7.625 x 9.25 Inches

Territories: US/Can


Age Range: 6 and up

Publisher: White Star Publishers

Series: Genius Series